Huawei introduces the new and improved Huawei Assistant

Huawei Assistant is renewed by incorporating the comments of European Huawei users to offer an improved and personalized experience.

Huawei, the world’s leading technology company, is launching a new update to Huawei Assistant on all Huawei devices (smartphones and tablets) to offer a richer user experience.

Following the suggestions of users across Europe, the Huawei Assistant incorporates changes to its use and appearance, which will now allow them to customize the Huawei Assistant and easily move cards for a tailored experience. Features such as AI Search, Instant Access, Moments, and Feed help users minimize the time spent navigating menus and search results while, on the other hand, maximizing the time spent browsing. harness the power of the device.

With a simple swipe to the right from the home screen of the device, the functions of the Huawei Assistant will be made available, from productivity tools to content consumption.

Designed to meet the needs of European users, the main updates to Huawei Assistant are:

  • Innovative user experience – All partner cards will have a new design, which can be accessed in the ‘Moments’ section of the Huawei Assistant screen, with content such as Parcel Delivery and purchase cards provided by partners and available to offer additional data on real time and make smarter shopping lists.
  • Your cards, your way – Now the cards can be relocated to the place where users prefer to have them on the Huawei Assistant screen, to immediately access what each one needs.
  • Feed – Real-time Newsfeed at the bottom of the Huawei Assistant screen helps users stay up-to-date at a glance thanks to the latest headlines. With a swipe up, the user can access their personalized news feed, giving them the news they want in real time and if what they want is to update the Feed, they will only have to swipe to the right.

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Other key features that are available in the Huawei Assistant are:

  • AI search – When searching for something using the global search bar, at the top of the Huawei Assistant screen, you will get results divided into two groups: locally stored results (from emails, contacts, calendar, messages, etc. from your phone) and online results (from the default web browser found by the search engine).
  • Instant access– The user can add their four favorite applications and services to the top of their home screen or let the Huawei Assistant choose them for them based on what they have used recently or what they use the most, allowing them to immediately access what you need immediately.
  • Moments– These smart and environment-friendly notifications and reminders appear on the Huawei Assistant screen when needed: you can choose whether to activate notifications such as reminders, missed calls, weather, data stream reports, sports scores and much more .

Jaime Gonzalo, Vice President of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, states: “At Huawei, we are dedicated to providing new and effective technologies for our consumers. We’ve taken European user feedback into account, and the new look of Huawei Assistant will make accessing the exact information you need, when you need it, easier than ever. The advanced AI technology that powers the Huawei Assistant allows users to access their favorite applications and news updates in real time with a single swipe, providing a more agile experience through a Huawei device. “

To access the new look of Huawei Assistant on their device, users just need to update Assistant to the latest version from AppGallery.

To learn more about HUAWEI Assistant:

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